Sun Screen

Sun Screen Cream (Oil Free)

Slide SunScreen Cream (SPF50) invisible View all product information 50ml

Slide کرم ضدآفتاب فاقد چربی بی رنگ (SPF50) مشاهده تمامی اطلاعات محصول 50ml

Product Information

  • Effective and broad-spectrum sunscreen (UVA & UVB)
  • Has physical and chemical filters to filter all wavelengths of ultraviolet light
  • Protects the skin from UV rays
  • Prevents the formation of free and destructive radicals
  • Reduce the aging process of the skin and reduce the formation of wrinkles
  • Prevents sunspots and dullness from the sun
  • Prevents dry skin and exacerbation of pimples and acne in susceptible individuals
  • Lean and lightweight
  • Suitable for oily skin and prone to pimples and acne
  • Sweat resistant, non-allergenic and Anti-Acne


Titanium Dioxide

4Methylbenzylidene Camphor


Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate





Tocopherol (VitaminE)

How to use

Sunscreen should be applied half an hour before sun exposure enough to completely cover the surface of the skin. Also, renew every four hours to maintain effectiveness and protective power.

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